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ZeroHedge Review – 2020 Finance Blogs Review

Today we are talking about one of the most famous and discussed finance blogs. Here is the ZeroHedge review

ZeroHedge was founded in January 2009, a few months after the Lehman Brothers disaster, which has shaken up the financial world.

Journalistic coverage irrespective of the traditions of “old” media moved beyond the status quo with a single aim: to develop a platform that would create real added value for its readers.

zero hedge blog review tyler durden

A few months after its debut, ZeroHedge was much appreciated and celebrated for several excellent ground-breaking articles on high-frequency trading, in particular, focusing on the commercial practices of Goldman Sachs.

The critical series of articles has had an important impact, and ultimately, the fact that the NYSE stopped publication data to prevent ZeroHedge from reporting could reveal the manipulations of the investment bank.

With each subsequent article, the popularity of anonymous activists has grown and there is a great deal of evidence that suggests that even older, well-established voices like Bloomberg or the New York Times, have cited information from ZeroHedge.

Today the site has millions of readers per month worldwide – in fact, the quality and objectivity of Zerohedge’s reporting seem to consistently win over new readers.

The creators

An interesting detail of ZeroHedge: most articles come from an anonymous group that operates under the pseudonym “Tyler Durden”, a figure of the classic film “Fight Club”.

It is not clear how many people compose this group – some people say that it is only four individuals, others say as many as forty.

There were also rumors that condemned trader Daniel Ivandjiiski is the founder of ZeroHedge, but there is still no confirmation.

In any case, ZeroHedge wants to be the antithesis of the commercial circuit classic.

The mission of ZeroHedge – as explicitly stated on the website – it is an attack on the mass media: ZeroHedge is a supplier of information for the general public, concerned and highlighted by a highly skeptical attitude toward the traditional institution of financial journalism.

The creators of the site have the goal of freeing repressed knowledge and offer analysis that is not subject to political forces.

They use anonymity to support freedom of opinion. The founders say that this anonymity allows authors to focus the content more directly, truthfully and poignantly.

ZeroHedge Websites Contents

Let us inspect this website. When you enter the player sees immediately interesting titles.

There are authors with pseudonyms, as well as known experts in the market.

They go straight to the core of the problem without hesitation, talking about the problems and issues in a way that is clear and explicit.

In addition to this wealth of information, you can also enter into countless forums and talk with other participants or visit their Recommended Blogs.

Also available on ZeroHedge, are many contributions of different bloggers.

The controversial topics include the outlook for certain market segments, perceived errors of fiscal and monetary policy by governments and central banks, the role of the central banks, significant market movements and their causes, historical comparisons and so on.

There are authors with pseudonyms, as well as known experts in the market, for example, David Rosenberg.

They go straight to the core of the problem without hesitation, talking about the problems in a way that is clear and explicit.

ZeroHedge offers detailed information and aggressive actions and market analysis, scenarios and visions of several arguments concerning capital markets, of the macroeconomic developments and on the debt crisis.

ZeroHedge is not suitable for everyone. The articles presented are skeptical, sometimes cynical. ZeroHedge is great for interested readers to search for alternative material mass media and for those who want clear information from a different, modern and fresh perspective.

The combination of various experts, affiliates and fans, and the atmosphere of mystery offer in high value, information day after day, hour after hour.

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