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Automated Trading System

MTF MACD MT4 Indicator – Download for Free

Download for free the MTF MACD MT4 indicator and learn how to use it. This fantastic indicator will show the trend of 4 different...

Exponential Bollinger Bands – Download, Tips and Strategies

Are you searching for the Exponential Bollinger Bands? In this article, we will show the variant of the most popular technical analysis indicator. As you...

Double Exponential Moving Average DEMA – How to use and download for free

The Double Exponential Moving Average DEMA is a variant of the classic moving average. Download it for free and discover the pros and cons...

HH HL LH LL Indicator for MetaTrader4 – Download for free

Are you tired of searching the HH LL HL LH without an automated system? With our HH HL LH LL Indicator for MetaTrader4, you...

Automated Trading System – The Essential Tutorial for Dummies

In this tutorial, you will learn all the fundamental concepts of an Automatic Trading System. You will learn the various phases for the construction and...

TradeStation Strategy – Bollinger Bands Reversal Price Exit Setup

In this EasyLanguage tutorial, we explore the Bollinger Bands Reversal Strategy for TradeStation and MultiCharts. Obviously, this type of strategy will work better in mean-reverting...
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