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What determines the spread in forex

This article will explain what determines the spread in the forex market and how you can keep it under control and avoid buying or...

4 essential pieces of information for your trading journal

Why is it so important to keep a trading journal? To what advantage will be keeping a journal be? You would agree that trading...

RSI vs Stochastic, which one is better?

The Relative Strength Index RSI and the Stochastic are two well known and used technical indicators; which one is better? I would be lying if...

In-Depth Guide To Average True Range and Historical Volatility

The In-Depth Guide To Understand the Average True Range and Historical Volatility. Read and learn how liquidity and market news affect volatility. The Average True...

All About SuperTrend Indicator – Free Tutorial 2021 Updated

With this article, you can learn everything you need to know about the SuperTrend Indicator (ST). You can also download for free all SuperTrend...

HULL Moving Average – How to use & Tips

Why should you use the Hull Moving Average? This article shows you the pros and cons of this fantastic indicator and how to use...
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