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TradeStation Login – Essential Tutorial April 2020

After opening your new account, it’s time for your first TradeStation login.

How do you login on TradeStation?

You will be sent an e-mail notification that your account has been successfully created.
At that point, you will have to browse the homepage and click on the TradeStation Login.

TradeStation Login

What to do after the TradeStation Login

Once you click on TradeStation Login, you will have to choose between these 4 alternatives:

  • Client Center
  • Web Trading Live
  • Web  Trading Simulator
  • TradeStation Crypto

TradeStation Login sections

Client Center 

By clicking on TradeStation Client Login, you can access the most important page.
Enter your username and password and you will reach this page:

TradeStation client center

Customer Profile

In this section, you can change your username or password and you can also variate your questions and answers.

Most important, here you can set the optional  Two-Step verification. It’s a highly recommended security feature to protect your account.

Here you can manage your software and data subscriptions.

In the subscription summary, you can choose the platform features that you need. Also, you can choose the data services in real-time.

manage software and data subscriptions


In this TradeStation Login section, you can control your account statement, historical balances and all transactions (Trades and others).

Here you can manage your simulated trading account. Choose one of your accounts and choose if you add paper money or reset your demo account.

Download Software

This is our tutorial regarding TradeStation Download and Install


This is a huge section of the TradeStation Login, here you can find many education & training.  Also from this section, you can access the forum where you can ask questions to other users and you will find many prepared traders.

Tradestation login support

Web Trading Live & Web Trading Simulator

This is a new function. Here you can use your account on an online platform and avoid doing the TradeStation login on the platform installed on the PC.

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Is TradeStation login secure?

Yes, TradeStation is an https site. If you’re looking for more security, you can choose two-factor authentication.

How to close the TradeStation account?

You need to contact the support.

Is tradestation a broker?

Yes, TradeStation is a broker with a proprietary platform, and this is a good match.

How much is TradeStation per month?

It depends on which commission profile you choose and how many operations you do per month and on which paid data and services you choose.

How to use TradeStation?

You can study this useful manual: Essential of the TradeStation Desktop