Bollinger Bands Indicator essential tutorial cover

In this tutorial, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Bollinger Bands. The Bollinger Bands (BB) is a trendy technical analysis instrument introduced by John Bollinger in the early 1980s. What are the Bollinger Bands? Bollinger Bands consist

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ADX indicator cover post

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Average Directional Index ADX Indicator. First of all, the ADX is useful to determine the strength of the trend. The Average Directional Index is a trend indicator. It was created

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How to identify the trend tutorial cover post

In this basic tutorial, you’ll learn how to identify the trend using the Moving Averages. It’s a good idea because the Moving Average is a fantastic trend indicator. Many strategies using the MAs to find entry signals, for example,

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The Intraday Intensity Index Indicator measures volume according to the position of the closure within the variation between the minimum and maximum of the session. It was developed by David Bostian, this indicator, when included in a daily graph, can

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Coppock Curve Indicator tutorial cover

Have you ever used the Coppock Curve Indicator in TradeStation and Multicharts? It’s a useful momentum indicator for long-term traders. In fact, this indicator is used only in weekly and monthly charts. Edwin Sedgwick Coppock introduced the Coppock formula

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Chaikin Money Flow Indicator – Essential tutorial || What is? How to use? How to calculate? Download for free our modified indicator with slope. Developed by Marc Chaikin, the Chaikin Money Flow CMF is a market strength indicator, measuring the

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Average True Range StopLoss Indicator tutorial cover

Today we show how to create and use your ATR Stop Loss Calculator. We show you how to create a simple calculator with Excel (download it for free). Average True Range (ATR) indicator calculates the average candles ranges over

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Perry Kaufman - Efficiency Ratio Indicator free download cover

Let’s create an indicator of Perry Kaufman from his book “Trading Systems and Methods“. In this book, the author shows a systematic approach with detailed explanations of each technique. There are many interesting ideas in this book. Today we would

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Moving Average Slope Trading System cover

Moving Average Slope Indicator The Moving Average Slope Indicator is the most popular technical indicator, it provides useful information, but often it’s not sufficient. To program an automated trading system, often, you need to calculate the slope of the

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Bollinger Bands BandWidth Indicator for TradeStation cover

The Bollinger Bands are already present on every platform, but using the Bollinger Bands Bandwidth Indicator, the bands will be displayed only when the volatility decreases (during periods of “congestion” or during a range-bound market). I sometimes use this

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