Technical Analysis Tools and Brokers for Indian Stock Market

Are you searching for information about the Indian Stock Market? This tutorial is for you! We’ll illustrate how to trade in the Indian Stock Market and analyze it with technical analysis tools.

You could be a private Indian national resident or a trader who wants to diversify his portfolio.

India is an up-and-coming market; the Indian population knows English perfectly, which dramatically facilitates international relations. You can find a lot of information in English about every Indian company.

In India, there are many prospects for investment in the real economy and financial markets.

India allows foreigners to invest in its market since 1990.

There are two stock exchanges in India: the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Both price lists follow the same times and the same rules. BSE has thousands of securities, but a few hundred have a significant capitalization.

Less capitalized shares tend to be illiquid, so it is better to invest only in larger ones.

One piece of advice we can give you is to start doing technical analysis on the stocks of the

Indian stock market of nifty 50 or Standard and Poor’s CNX Nifty.

The two Indian stock indexes of reference are the Sensex and the Nifty.
India allows foreigners to invest in its market since 1990.

The Indian population does not invest much in stocks, but the Indian GDP rises dramatically and is an exciting market.

Free Indian Stock Market Analysis Tools

There are many free analysis tools for the Indian Stock Market.

In this link, you can find all NIFTY 50 Indian Stocks.

The MoneyControl charts are complete, precise, easy, and responsive.

technical analysis free tool for indian stock market
Indian Stock: Reliance Industries – Nifty 50 – NSE

You can use many technical indicators. You can find a lot of indicators that there aren’t in the most common trading platform.

Indian stock market free chart and list of technical indicator

Every stock has a Sentimeter Indicator. For example, you can visualize the trader’s sentiment about the Indian stock of the HDFC Bank.

HDFC bank indian stock sentiment

If you like to study the financial data of your Indian stocks, you can find a lot of data in Yahoo Finance. Without a subscription, you have the current Total Revenue or the Gross Profit, etc.

yahoo finance indian stock market data financial

You can use Yahoo Finance to extract the Indian Stock historical data and use it with Excel. We have a lot of great tutorials to do this:

Indian Stock Market Watch List

On the site, you can find a good watchlist with all stocks. At the table, you have all you need. You can use it to study the market’s momentum because there are mini-charts to identify the trend in the table.

5 - indian stock market watchlist

Broker to trade the Indian Stock Market

Interactive Broker is a leader in the brokerage scenario. They offer market access through its online brokerage platform known as Trader Work Station (TWS).

With the Trader Work Station, you can do an intense analysis of the Indian Stock Market. With this platform, you can create a lot of watch lists.

interactive broker with indian stock market

You can obtain real-time data for intraday trading. The charts are self-explanatory, and you can use a lot of technical indicators. Also, you have all volume data, and you can do excellent volume analysis.

indian stock market intraday chart interactive brokers

With Interactive Brokers, you can trade with options. Indian Stocks have their quoted options, and you can create your strategy with simple tools.

trade with option india stock market

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