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Coding Tutorials

Learning the most famous coding language.

In this section, you will learn how to program in EasyLanguage, PowerLanguage and MetaQuotes.

Technical Indicator

Dozens of free Indicators for multi-platform.

Download our custom technical indicators for TradeStation, MultiCharts and MetaTrader.

Trading Strategies

We developed a lot of trading strategies.

Learn how to create your automated trading systems and custom market scanners.

Platform Tutorials

Mastering your trading platforms. 

With our free tutorials, you will improve your skills with TradeStation – MultiCharts – TWS and MetaTrader

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My name is Luca. I grew up in Italy. I have a degree in law and I’m an independent trader since 2007. 

I’m a systematic trader and sometimes, I trade using options strategies with US ETFs and Stocks.

I have built hundreds of automated trading systems and indicators for TradeStation, MultiCharts, and MetaTrader.

I started this blog in 2017 to share what I learned in the financial market.