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How to avoid RSI false signals

Would you like to learn our best tricks to avoid RSI false signals? In this article, we will explain the critical problems of an RSI-based strategy and how to solve them. In this article you will learn some of

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HH HL LH LL Indicator for MetaTrader mql

Are you tired of searching the HH LL HL LH without an automated system? With our HH HL LH LL Indicator for MetaTrader4, you can automate this task. It makes no sense to invest your time in an action

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bullish divergence rsi

A Bullish Divergence RSI signal is a powerful setup to find a reversal momentum in the market. We can apply it to any instrument, it’s straightforward. Finding a bullish divergence RSI is simple; you just need to apply a

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How to draw short horizontal line in MT cover

Are you wondering how to draw a short horizontal line in MT4? Do your trendlines stretch indefinitely and you can’t use them? In this short tutorial, we will explain step by step how to draw a short horizontal line

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Can you trade forex without leverage

Do you want to trade in the forex market but are not sure how much leverage to use? Can you trade forex without leverage? Leverage is essential in the forex market because the movements are tiny. We have never

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best ema for hour chart cover

Moving averages are a fantastic tool for trend follower strategies, but what is the best EMA for 1 hour chart?We use moving averages a lot in our systems, especially to filter the trend. For each time frame, we have

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