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How to open a TradeStation Account – March 2020 Tutorial

It’s the time to open TradeStation account? In this tutorial, you will learn how to do it and how to properly download and install the TradeStation Platform.

TradeStation is one of the industry’s leading platforms. Many systematic traders are using it. It is a very simple solution for automatic trading because you can do everything with a single company.

With other platforms, however, sometimes you will have to purchase market data from third parties. Because problems may arise, You might have to connect to a broker.

With TradeStation, you will have the broker, the market data and the platform, all in the same package.

Transaction costs are relatively low and very similar to other industry-leading brokers such as Interactive Brokers.

How to open an account with TradeStation

First of all, go to and click on “Open Account“.

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Tradestation tutorial open account click homepage

Then you will need to register as a new customer.

Tradestation tutorial select account

Insert your personal data.

Tradestation tutorial complining your credential

Now you will have to choose the type of account, between Individual, Joint, and IRA.

Most individual traders choose only an account to trade equities and options.

You can also choose to trade cryptocurrencies and futures and futures options. The latter are generally very large contracts and are reserved for more experienced and above all capitalized traders.

Choose individual joint or ira account

The commission profile changes based on how much money you want to deposit into the account.

TradeStation commission plan comparison

If you share your account with other people, you have to choose the Joint Account.

The IRA Account is the Individual Retirement Account. People can put money for their pension in a way that saves them tax.

06 tradestation ira account

At this point, you will have to provide a series of personal and financial information.
Other international brokers adopt the same procedure.

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personal information page to login

employment information Tradestation login

financials and trading experience

In the end, you will have to sign the form simply by writing your name.

tradestation signature

You have completed, you will now have to wait for TradeStation to open the account.

Then you can download the platform and start trading.

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