MACD Signal Line Crossover Alert MT4

Download for free the MACD signal line crossover alert for MetaTrader 4 and and follow this tutorial to learn how to use it.

Every trader is actively searching for a more promising way to improve their trading results. Of course, there are countless trading indicators and tools to be used, not all of them are favorable to all traders. Apart from this hassle, there is also the need to properly understand where to use these indicators and tools and effectively utilize them. 

One such proven tool is the MACD indicator. For most MT, the MACD indicator sits as a vital tool to help in trading prediction. Within the MACD are a handful of strategies; the crossover is the most potent for traders and has thus far been used. The crossover strategy placed over the two trading lines offers to buy and sell signals. This is especially useful for traders who need consistent monitoring to note the most favorable time to open a position and close it.

With such an offering in mind having a MACD signal line with an alert is a vital option for traders. This article will be looking at MACD, why an alert is vital, and you can download our free version.

Why use a MACD Crossover Alert

Moving Average Convergence/Divergence is an age-long, highly technical indicator that follows trends reflecting the correlation among dual Mas (Moving Averages). The indicator’s goal is to assess the assets of two trends to identify when one is up or down. With this, a signal or indicator will be made to alert the trader that there is an opportunity for trading or a window to close.

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Every trader seeks tools to enhance their chances of better trade. The MACD crossover indicator is a standing favorite for traders. It excellently works on both Metatrader4 and Metatrader5. It works following a simple principle: MACD crossover is noted when the MACD line and the signal line meet; this signals a shift in trading tend and a buying or selling opportunity. 

Although efficient, this strategy works in a lagging fashion, which means that the strategy is fixed on watching the occurrence of movement before beginning a buying trade. In a forex trade, the MACD crossover can be used in three ways. First as an entry trigger, second as a way to filter signals, and finally confirm movements with divergence. 

How to use MACD Crossover signal

Crossover as an entry trigger: Here, MACD crossover offers an entry signal when the MACD line crosses over the signal line following the trend. When the MACD line crosses above the signal line yet still under the zero line, it is a bullish trend. With this, the Trader can wait on the crossing over the MACD line at least over the zero levels as confirmation that a position can be opened. The same goes for a bearish trend, but in this case, the MACD line crosses under the signal line while still being over the zero levels. Here traders with form confirmation when the MACD line goes below the zero lines. 

MACD crossover signal alert for metatrader with eurusd h chart

Crossover as a way to filter signals: Identifying trends on the rise is a difficult task, and sometimes traders on MT4 require more than just their human expertise. In this situation, the MACD crossover serves as means to note when a trend is on the rise. The trader only needs to notice those crossovers when the price chart indicates higher points or higher lows. Traders can also consider using the MACD line about line zero as a means of knowing a rising trend. 

Crossover as a confirmation for determining movements with divergence: When a trend is losing its potency, a divergence is most likely to occur. However, since trading and trend movements can be uncertain, MT5 and MT4 traders can use the crossover strategy to ascertain that the trend is not going to fall into a correction or reversal. 

Why do you need an alert for this strategy?

Having a solid entry trigger can be a powerful tool for success when trading hence the importance of a trigger or alert symbol to keep you aware of moments when a possible opportunity for a potentially successful trade is available.

The trading market is volatile, and trends can easily fall or rise. However, the start of a descending trend is not a criterion that a reversal will not take place. For traders to confirm any trend’s fall, the next crossover indicator can be a major telltale. If this is so, having a MACD Signal Line Crossover alert MT4 can be highly useful to leave you up to date and aware of these new indicators

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Actively looking for buying or selling opportunities is what trading is all about. With so many ways to find this, some traders are more focused on following the trend’s movement. They actively seek out rising or falling trends for an opportunity to buy or sell respectively. This crossover serves to filter these signals being brought in to identify which trends are moving in which direction. With this duty consistently going on, the MACD Signal Line Crossover alert MT4 can serve as a major reminder or notification to help traders get the best trend flows and buying opportunities

When trading, a boring market or a boring trade is almost always a sign that you are doing everything right. A trader that is always on edge is most likely still struggling to make a successful buy or sell. This MACD Signal Line Crossover alert MT4 will serve as a potential alert for you when important changes or triggers happen. This way you have more reason to be bored.

Finally, the MACD Signal Line Crossover alert MT4 serves to curtail over trading in enthusiastic traders. Once the indicator is set up to your requirements, it will only alert you to trade when an opportunity opens up. This way, you reduce the temptation to spend so much time trading, ending up only overtrading with many unsuccessful trades. 

Create a MACD crossover signal indicator or download it for free

Would you like to create an indicator like macd crossover alert by yourself but you don't know how to program in mql? Have you ever tried EA Builder? It is completely free for creating indicators in MQL without having to know programming.

Our indicator was created with EA builder in a simple way, we show you how we did it.

First of all create the mail rules for long and short trades:
Tutorial how to create macd crossover signal alert part

Once you have entered the main rules, you can choose which type of alarm to use.
In our indicator, we have chosen to be notified instantly but once for each bar.

Tutorial how to create macd crossover signal alert part
eabuilder free

Download the MACD Signal Line Crossover alert for MT4 and MT5. The free MACD alert for MT4 and MT5 will need to be placed over the graph. Once that is done, the signal will arrive, and a window will be opened. With this, a sound will be emitted as an alert for you.

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