Lamb Weston Holdings LW – Analysis

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Lamb Weston Holding was set as a family possessed pea processing center in 1950. Ever since that time, the business was on the leading edge of technology and research.

From the 1960s LW developed the water gun knife, which is now standard gear in potato processing centers. For much

h of its history, Lamb Weston worked within its parent firm Conagra Brands Inc. It is just recently spun-off to an independent publicly-traded company.

LW is a top manufacturer, distributor and supplier of frozen potato products to retailers and restaurants. Headquartered at the Eagle, Idaho it’s surrounded by some of the world’s greatest potato-growing states.

Lamb Weston is the top provider of frozen curry products, and number 2 internationally.

It functions a couple of joint ventures to help with its worldwide diversification. Meijer Frozen Foods B.V. situated in the Netherlands is a joint venture which also produces and sells frozen potato products.

LW and Meijer are constructing a new manufacturing facility that’s anticipated to be on the line in the spring of 2019. Lamb Weston also holds a joint venture together with RDO Frozen Co., a potato chip-based from Minnesota.

By controlling 50 percent of stocks in those joint ventures, LW can reinforce its international standing.

Lamb Weston provides various curry goods to its clients. Its principal source of income comes from the selling of frozen French fries.

Its varied product offering makes it accommodate a much wider selection of customers in the foodservice and retail markets.

Its worldwide class is the most significant, accounting for 53 percent of revenue. This section comprises the top 100 North American established restaurant chains along with all global enterprise.

The foodservice category accounts for 34 percent of earnings and comprises earnings connected with private label frozen potato products offered in the USA and Canada.

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