Don’t you like the default MetaTrader chart? Follow this tutorial and learn how to set up your best chart for trading.



First of all, go to the chart and right-click. Choose properties and in “common” tab choose candlestick chart. Candlestick charts are an effective way of visualizing price.

Many times you have to use a Bar Chart, for example, when you test an automated trading system.

In the “Show” tab deselect “Show grid”. It’s just a style choice, but if you use indicator or trend lines, the grid can confuse you.

In the “color” tab set the color of the candlestick that you prefer.

We like to use “shift end of the chart from the right border”.




If you want to save your chart setting, right-click on the chart and select “template” and “save template”. If you use the name “default” this setting will be applied to every chart in the future.



If you use many charts, you have to arrange it.

Other functions

Click the menu “Windows” and choose “Tile Windows” and tile all chart in the windows in the MT4 Terminal. You could use the shortcut “ALT+R”.

Also, you can tile the charts horizontally or vertically.

To change the timeframe, you have to click to “view” menĂ¹ and on “toolbars” select “timeframe”.


Now you can easily change your timeframe in every chart.


Finally, you can zoom in or zoom out and increasing or decreasing the number of bars shown on the screen simultaneously.

To zoom out a chart vertically, one can hold any point of vertical axis with the left mouse button and move it down.

If you want, you can save a picture of your chart and share it.


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