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How to Install the MetaTrader 4

How to install MetaTrader 4? Are you ready to install the MetaTrader without a broker? Let’s start with our first MetaTrader 4 tutorial.

First of all, go to https://www.metatrader4.com/en/download

You don’t need to open a real account; you can only download the platform and use it.

When you know how to use the platform, you could open a real account with one broker.

Generally, the brokers have their platform with their logo, but it’s the same platform.

How to Install the MetaTrader 4

So, download and install the file mt4setup.exe. Execute the file and install it; it’s speedy.

Your next step is to open a demo account, click on “File” and “Open an Account”.

You could use your real name or a nickname; it’s only a demo account. Choose how much money you want to “deposit” in your demo account and choose the leverage.

In our example, we chose 10.000$ with a 1:100 leverage. Don’t you know what leverage is? Click here!

First Menu Settings

We advise you to change the default trade volume. It’s essential because you could often make a mistake and open a trade with a monster big size.

For example, many broker platform is set to 1 lot per trade, it’s a 100.000$ trade, and your little account can blow out in one minute. Be careful.

If you set your default volume at 0.01 (the minimum), every trade you will open will be 0.01. You can increment the size manually every time you want or change the default size in the future.

Remember to allow automated trading if you would like to trade with expert advisors or scripts.

In the events tab, you can disable all sound events or change them.

Now you are ready for trading with your new MetaTrader Platform.

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