What does creating a stock chart in Excel? You may need it for many reasons. For example, your trading platform doesn’t have the stock you need to analyze, or you have to do seasonality and statistical research with Excel.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a professional stock chart with Excel.

If you don’t know how to import data from Yahoo Finance to Excel, start with this tutorial.

For better chart visibility, we start with formatting the data that we have imported from Yahoo Finance.

Then format the cells of the columns “Open” “High” “Low” “Close” as a number and set the decimal places to “2” and click Ok.

Excel Stock Chart format columns

Go to the cell A1 and press “Ctrl” + “Shift” and click “Right Arrow Key” and after “Down Arrow Key” to select all data to range from Date to Close; this is a useful shortcut for Excel.

Excel Stock Chart

Then in the “Insert” menĂ¹, click on Stock Chart

how to create stock chart in excel

Select “Stock” Open – High – Low – Close

select the stock chart in excel

The stock chart is ready.

first excel stock chart from yahoo finance

Dress up your Excel Stock Chart

Now we can modify it. Select and change the Chart Title, for example, in “SPY DAILY CHART”. Select Open High Low Close (Blue Arrow) and click “Canc” on your keyboard.

Changing Excel Stock Chart

Click to select an Up Bars; the menu “Format Up Bars” will opens to the right. Choose a green color.

Excel Stock Chart modify Up Bars

Select the Border option and choose the Black Color

Excel Stock Chart modify Up Bars border

Do the same with the Down Bars and color it with red and black.

Finally, modify the transparency of the Major Gridline.

Excel Stock Chart modify Major Gridlines

That’s all. You have created a perfect stock chart like that of the best trading platforms.

EXCEL STOCK CHART with data from yahoo finance

Do you want to add an indicator to your stock chart? In this tutorial, you can learn how to create the Average True Range Indicator.

Do you need to import data from TradeStation to Excel? This tutorial is for you.


Download the Excel file of this tutorial from this LINK.



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