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This page lists the posts that contain a Free EasyLanguage Indicator.
Generally, all indicators work with MultiCharts and TradeStation

As you know, TradeStation EasyLanguage is practically the same as Multicharts Power Language.

It is possible to download the indicators for free by simply entering your email address.

Every free EasyLanguage indicator has a protected code and reduced inputs.
If you need the open code or want to make some changes, or for any suggestions, you can write to …

Many of the free EasyLanguage indicators adapt themselves based on volatility; in fact, we make extensive use of the ATR.

In some articles, it is explained step by step how to create the indicator through tutorials. If you are new and do not know how to program in EasyLanguage, in this section you can find all our tutorials.

A strategy is not always associated with our free EasyLanguage indicator. Why?

Because indicator strategies generally don’t work. We prefer to use indicators as filters and not as signals.

For example, our free EasyLanguage Indicator Chaikin Money Flow is handy for analyzing the market but not for opening or closing positions.

We have many leading indicators that you won’t find in your TradeStation and MultiCharts platforms:
SuperTrend and SuperTrend Multi Time Frame
Intraday Intensity Indicator
Coppock Curve Indicator
Chaikin Money Flow
Perry Kaufman Efficiency Ratio Indicator

Most famous indicators do not provide the slope direction.

To schedule an automated trading system, many times, you need to calculate the slope.

For example, we added this function to the most important indicators:
Moving Average Slope
ADX – Slope Indicator
RSI Slope Indicator

Looking for another type of EasyLanguage Free Indicator?
Here is a list with some of the most interesting.
Hourly Bias Indicator
Auto TrendLines Indicator
Average True Range StopLoss Indicator
Bollinger Bands BandWidth

Below is the complete list where you can find all the posts, articles, and tutorials of each EasyLanguage Free Indicator.

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Free EasyLanguage Indicator

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