In this EasyLanguage & PowerLanguage Tutorial, you’ll learn how to use inputs and variables when programming your Trading System. If you want to assign a default value to your program, for example, a Moving Average Lenght, you have to insert the inputs in your code.

The inputs are in the first part of the code. You can choose any name for your inputs, for example, MA_Lenght or Moving_Average_Period. Remember that you can’t use the space.

Besides, you can’t even use reserved words.

You can find all the reserved words HERE.

reserved words EasyLanguage Tutorial

PowerLanguage for MultiCharts has some reserved words that are different.

Finally, you can’t use any characters like ( % & / ). If you use these characters, The Build Tab will show you an error message.

Easylanguage Error IN THE OUTPUT

You can use the word “Input” or “Inputs” with two points and the default value in brackets.

In PowerLanguage with MultiCharts is the same. You can enter all the inputs you want. The last input must be followed by a semicolon.

Input code in EasyLanguage

In this EasyLanguage Tutorial now we’ll discover how many types of inputs exist.

There are many types of Input:

EasyLanguage Tutorial – Numeric Inputs

It’s simple… It’s a number value. In the bracket, you can insert one number or one formula.

Easylanguage Numeric Inputs

It’s correct a number with a decimal, separated with a dot.

Input number with decimals

Boolean Inputs

The Boolean input contains a true/false input. For example, you can use it to activate or deactivate a condition.

easylanguage boolean inputs

EasyLanguage Tutorial – String Inputs

In the string input, you can write a text in the middle of the quotes.

Easylanguage string input for alert

Color Inputs

In the color input, you can insert color, the color in EasyLanguage are reserved words:

Easylanguage reserved colors listEasyLanguage color input

Final Consideration

When you attach your custom indicator to the chart, you’ll change your inputs. Generally, a trading system with a high number of inputs is considerate more user-friendly. Graphical inputs are essential: color, width, etc.

We hope this EasyLanguage tutorial was useful for you. You can use this information to create indicators or trading systems with TradeStation and MultiCharts.

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