How to Export Data from TradeStation

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to Export Data from TradeStation. Follow the simple steps and download the historical data! It’s straightforward; you only need our free EasyLanguage indicator. Do you need help with EasyLanguage? Start with this EasyLanguage

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How to use EasyLanguage Loop Tutorial cover

Today you will discover how to use the EasyLanguage Loop for TradeStation and MultiCharts. A loop is a code instruction that repeats a sequence until a specific condition is met. It’s a fundamental programming idea that is commonly used

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Auto TrendLines Indicator for TradeStation free download cover

In this tutorial, you’ll create an Auto TrendLines Indicator to automatically draw TrendLines in TradeStation and MultiCharts using EasyLanguage and PowerLanguage, Firstly, we calculate the maximum and the minimum of the last X candles or days. This is only

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How to transform any indicator in Histogram code tutorial cover

In this EasyLanguage Tutorial, we show you how to use the TradeStation Histogram visual mode. Many traders don’t like to have the chart flooded with lines, drawings, and indicators. They prefer to see the naked price. Let’s take a

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Create an Indicator with EasyLanguage cover

In this simple tutorial, we show you how to create an indicator with EasyLanguage for TradeStation and MultiCharts. Let’s build an indicator in Easylanguage from scratch. As always, the simplest example is a Moving Average, but we will then

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Smoothed RSI indicator with EMA cover

Let’s see how to create our smoothed RSI indicator by using a Moving Average with Easylanguage. For this example, we will use an RSI, and we will go to create two indicators. The first is a classic indicator and

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