The McClellan Oscillator || What is and How to Use it || Tutorial

The McClellan Oscillator, developed by Sherman McClellan, is very useful for testing the solidity and consistency of a trend. This oscillator is based on the difference between the number of stocks growing and the number of stocks falling. The following formula is used to calculate it: (No. of securities upward – No. of securities downward) […]

The Cot Report || Commitment of Traders Report Tutorial

The Commitment of Traders (CoT) Report details the positions opened on the main future markets by the three main categories of financial operators. The Commitment of Traders Report (CoT) analyzes the behavior of financial markets and is one of the most widely used tools by international operators. Institutional Investment Funds (Commercial), Speculative Funds (Non-Commercial or […]

NAAIM Exposure Index || What is and How Use It

The NAAIM Exposure Index is an interesting indicator that shows the investor’s sentiment. NAAIM is an association of companies specializing in the management of active funds in the United States. Each week these managed accounts must report their exposure on the stock market.   The answers provided by these operators can be of 5 types: […]

All about the Trend in Technical Analysis || Essential Tutorial

Before buying or selling a stock, you will first need to evaluate the current trend. The best way to start the analysis is simply to quantify the current trend objectively.   Many traders skip this step by going directly to the signals expressed by the indicators. Many traders don’t understand that some of the most […]

The McClellan Summation Index || Technical Analysis

The Summation Index Indicator is very similar to McClellan Oscillator. The Sum Ind. is the mid-term version of McClellan Oscillator.   In fact, the McClellan Oscillator is too much volatile. In fact, it is the cumulative sum of the result of the McClellan Oscillator formula.   The Summation Index allows you to determine the strength […]

Stochastic Indicator | Technical Analysis Tutorial

The Stochastic Indicator Oscillator, designed by George Lane, is a great leading indicator that provide accurate signal for short-term trading. The assumption is that, in the course of an upward movement, closing prices tend to be close to the peaks recorded during the period considered.   While in a bearish market phase, closing prices tend […]

AD Volume Line Indicator || Technical Analysis Tutorial

The AD Volume Line indicator measures buyer and seller strength. You need to calculate the volume of securities that close upwards and downwards end of day.   You have to calculate the difference between the upwards volume and the downwards volume. The AD Volume Line indicator accumulating this difference day after day to draw the […]

New Highs New Lows Indicator || Technical Analysis Tutorial

The New Highs New Lows is an interesting indicator to analyze the US stock market. This indicator calculates the difference between the number of stocks that make new highs and the number of stocks that made new lows (of the last 12 months).   You can calculate this indicator daily, but can also be calculated […]

Parabolic SAR Indicator – Technical Analysis Tutorial

The Parabolic SAR (Stop and Reversal) indicator is a trend following indicator. This indicator is very similar to the SuperTrend, but the SuperTrend is better as a trend follower indicator.   The SAR is displayed with dots. The dots are below or above prices, thus providing immediate and simple trading signals: When the dots are […]

Automated Trading System || The Essential Tutorial for Dummies

In this tutorial, you will learn all the fundamental concepts of an Automatic Trading System. You will learn the various phases for the construction and optimization of a trading system and its evaluation.   Generally, the emotional component influence the trader who operates in a discretionary way. Often the sentiment leads him to make wrong […]