MultiCharts Backtesting Tutorial MultiCharts backtesting is very simple and fast. In this tutorial, we will show you how to perform a MultiCharts BackTest of a simple idea from scratch. We will show you what your way of thinking should be while developing an idea. It doesn’t matter if your trading system is complex or straightforward; […]


1 - Auto trendlines indicator for tradestation

Are you searching an indicator for TradeStation that automatically draws horizontal trendlines? You fund it! Our indicator draws two horizontal trendlines, one support (Red Line) and one resistance (Green Line). With default sets, the indicator calculates the highest high and the lowest low of the last 20 bars and draws two in the previous 100 […]

Tutorial – Using EasyLanguage to Export Data From TradeStation to Excel


In this TradeStation tutorial, we discover how to use EasyLanguage to export data from TradeStation to Excel. It’s straightforward; you only need our free indicator. This project is open, and we’ll add many functions in the future. Extract data from TradeStation is essential when you need to perform statistical analysis on data series. TradeStation is […]

How To (AUTO) Trade Divergences


How To (AUTO) Trade Divergences How To (AUTO) Trade Divergences Today we would like to share with you a little tip: how to trade RSI divergence with an automatic trading system. Divergence is a disagreement between a momentum indicator and price. Momentum indicators are the relative strength index (RSI), stochastics, and rate of change (ROC). […]



Today we show how to create and use your ATR Stop Loss Calculator. We show you how to create a simple calculator with Excel (download it for free). Average True Range (ATR) indicator calculates the average candles ranges over a specified period. ATR to calculate the Stop Loss Every time you are choosing your entry […]

Moving Average Slope Trading System

cover moving average slope indicataor

Moving Average Slope Indicator Moving Average Indicator is the most popular technical indicator, it provides useful information, but often it’s not sufficient. To programming an automated trading system, many times, you need to calculate the slope of the moving average. Calculating the slope is very simple, you have to compare the last Moving Average value […]

SuperTrend Indicator – 2020 Guide – MultiCharts & TradeStation Download


SuperTrend Indicator – 2020 Guide – MultiCharts & TradeStation Download Are you searching for SuperTrend Indicator? This post if for you! The Supertrend Indicator, developed by Olivier Seban, was born as a tool to optimize the exit from trade, which is a trailing stop. Today is one of the most used tools by traders. In this […]