Stochastic Indicator | Technical Analysis Tutorial

The Stochastic Indicator Oscillator, designed by George Lane, is a great leading indicator that provide accurate signal for short-term trading. The assumption is that, in the course of an upward movement, closing prices tend to be close to the peaks recorded during the period considered.   While in a bearish market phase, closing prices tend […]

AD Volume Line Indicator || Technical Analysis Tutorial

The AD Volume Line indicator measures buyer and seller strength. You need to calculate the volume of securities that close upwards and downwards end of day.   You have to calculate the difference between the upwards volume and the downwards volume. The AD Volume Line indicator accumulating this difference day after day to draw the […]

New Highs New Lows Indicator || Technical Analysis Tutorial

The New Highs New Lows is an interesting indicator to analyze the US stock market. This indicator calculates the difference between the number of stocks that make new highs and the number of stocks that made new lows (of the last 12 months).   You can calculate this indicator daily, but can also be calculated […]

Parabolic SAR Indicator – Technical Analysis Tutorial

The Parabolic SAR (Stop and Reversal) indicator is a trend following indicator. This indicator is very similar to the SuperTrend, but the SuperTrend is better as a trend follower indicator.   The SAR is displayed with dots. The dots are below or above prices, thus providing immediate and simple trading signals: When the dots are […]

Moving Average: All about Moving Averages || 2020 Tutorial

Moving averages are one of the most commonly used indicators in technical analysis. The main objective of moving averages is to identify the primary trend followed by the markets, removing it from very short-term distortions. The moving average is only the average of a historical series of data.   Whenever new data is added to […]

Momentum Indicator Oscillator || 2020 Tutorial

cover momentum indicator tutorial

The Momentum Indicator is a much simpler and more intuitive oscillator, it is used to assess the speed with which the prices of a given asset are moving. It is an indicator of the “leading” category, that is, aimed at anticipating the possible changes of a trend in order to exploit the inversion.   As […]

Keltner Channel Indicator – Tutorial 2020

keltner channel indicator cover

Keltner Channel is an indicator of market volatility, which, like the Bollinger bands, creates a channel around the moving average and in which prices tend to remain included. The Keltner Channel indicator is named after its inventor, Chester W. Keltner. It is a volatility-oriented channel that measures price movements about the minimum and maximum moving […]

Ichimoku Indicator | Ichimoku Kinko Hyo | Tutorial

ichimoku channel indicator post cover

The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator is a useful trend indicator in predicting price developments and belongs to the same family as the ADX indicator and the Parabolic SAR indicator. Japanese Goichi Hosoda invented the Ichimoku Indicator. The unique feature of the Ichimoku index is the so-called “clouds” that it draws in the graph. These clouds […]

CMO Indicator | Chande Momentum Oscillator | Tutorial

Tushar Chande invented the CMO Indicator (Chande Momentum Oscillator) as a respected trading system developer. Tushar Chande is a famous American technical analyst.   In his books “Beyond Technical Analysis” and “The New Technical Trader by Tushar Chande and Stanley Kroll” he describes a series of oscillators that can be used to analyze different financial […]

CCI Indicator | Commodity Channel Index | 2020 Tutorial

Introduction: CCI Indicator The CCI Indicator is one of the most commonly used technical indicators for trading system construction. This indicator was invented in 1980 by Lambert to analyze the commodity market. The Commodity Channel Index is a very versatile indicator that is mainly used to identify overbought or oversold conditions. Its primary function is […]