Hourly Bias Indicator

Eurusd Cover Bias Down 07.09.2019

Have you ever heard of a time bias indicator? Would you like to know how an instrument behaves at a given time? Then read this tutorial. Sometimes a financial instrument may start to move in a certain way based on the time. We have created an indicator that performs these statistical studies and reports them […]

Average Directional Index – ADX – Slope Indicator

Average Directional Index Indicator with four levels for TradeStation and MultiCharts

The Average Directional Index ADX is the perfect tool to determine the strength of the trend. Every time traders have to know if the price is trending or not. Open a trend follower trade in the trend direction is a good idea, but only if the trend exists and is strong. The standard length for […]


cover moving average slope indicataor

We’d love to meet you and let you the perfect solution Message us on Skype! Email us Moving Average Slope Indicator Moving Average Indicator is the most popular technical indicator, it provides useful information, but often it’s not sufficient. To programming an automated trading system, many times, you need to calculate the slope of the […]