How to find the perfect SuperTrend Settings

SuperTrend setting 5 different multiplier for stock analysis

In this tutorial you will learn how to find perfect SuperTrend settings. SuperTrend (ST), developed by Olivier Seban, is a great indicator to identify the current market trend. ST could be the key to unlocking predictions about future trends for intraday traders or longer term.   You can find the complete SuperTrend Tutorial HERE   […]

Pivot Points || Essential Tutorial 2020

Pivot Points Essential Tutorial Introduction With the help of some simple calculations and the monitoring of traditional price indicators (maximum (low), minimum (high), opening (open) and closing (close) of the previous days), it is possible to get different points that can help in identifying the levels of support and resistance. Well, these points are precisely […]

The TRIX || Triple Exponential Average Indicator || Tutorial

The TRIX (or Triple Exponential Average) was developed in the early eighties by Jack Hutson, editor of the magazine “Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities”. The dream of Hutson was to get an indicator that could filter the false signals in a trading system.   The TRIX is an oscillator of momentum that displays the percentage variation […]

The VIX Essential Tutorial || S&P500 Implied Volatility Index

The VIX (CBOE Volatility Index) estimates the implied volatility of the options (put and call) on the S&P 500. It expresses the volatility waiting by the operators about the main stock index in the USA. Today the VIX measures the implied volatility in options, both call that put on the S&P 500 index.   The […]

Elliott Oscillator || Elliott Wave Indicator Tutorial

The Elliott Oscillator is a useful indicator to analyze the cyclical behavior of the markets. The Elliott Oscillator, designed by trader Tom Joseph, is built as a simple difference between a simple 5-period and a 35-period moving average. It is an oscillator that integrates very well within the cyclic model of the Elliott Wave. The Elliot Oscillator confirms the solidity of the directional […]

The Vortex Indicator || Tutorial

The Vortex Indicator is a very useful technical indicator to identify the start of a new trend. Etienne Botes and Douglas Siepman published this indicator in the Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine.   We usually calculate the Vortex Indicator over 14 periods. We can use it both on daily time frames and on Intraday time frames (15-30-60 […]

The McClellan Oscillator || What is and How to Use it || Tutorial

The McClellan Oscillator, developed by Sherman McClellan, is very useful for testing the solidity and consistency of a trend. This oscillator is based on the difference between the number of stocks growing and the number of stocks falling. The following formula is used to calculate it: (No. of securities upward – No. of securities downward) […]

The Cot Report || Commitment of Traders Report Tutorial

The Commitment of Traders (CoT) Report details the positions opened on the main future markets by the three main categories of financial operators. The Commitment of Traders Report (CoT) analyzes the behavior of financial markets and is one of the most widely used tools by international operators. Institutional Investment Funds (Commercial), Speculative Funds (Non-Commercial or […]

NAAIM Exposure Index || What is and How Use It

The NAAIM Exposure Index is an interesting indicator that shows the investor’s sentiment. NAAIM is an association of companies specializing in the management of active funds in the United States. Each week these managed accounts must report their exposure on the stock market.   The answers provided by these operators can be of 5 types: […]

The McClellan Summation Index || Technical Analysis

The Summation Index Indicator is very similar to McClellan Oscillator. The Sum Ind. is the mid-term version of McClellan Oscillator.   In fact, the McClellan Oscillator is too much volatile. In fact, it is the cumulative sum of the result of the McClellan Oscillator formula.   The Summation Index allows you to determine the strength […]