Hourly Bias Indicator

Eurusd Cover Bias Down 07.09.2019

Have you ever heard of a time bias indicator? Would you like to know how an instrument behaves at a given time? Then read this tutorial. Sometimes a financial instrument may start to move in a certain way based on the time. We have created an indicator that performs these statistical studies and reports them […]

Average Directional Index – ADX – Slope Indicator

Average Directional Index Indicator with four levels for TradeStation and MultiCharts

The Average Directional Index ADX is the perfect tool to determine the strength of the trend. Every time traders have to know if the price is trending or not. Open a trend follower trade in the trend direction is a good idea, but only if the trend exists and is strong. The standard length for […]


1 - Auto trendlines indicator for tradestation

Are you searching an indicator for TradeStation that automatically draws horizontal trendlines? You fund it! Our indicator draws two horizontal trendlines, one support (Red Line) and one resistance (Green Line). With default sets, the indicator calculates the highest high and the lowest low of the last 20 bars and draws two in the previous 100 […]

How To Calculate and Create Average True Range in Excel

Average True Range Indicator for Excel

Okay, you’ve got the historical data from Yahoo Finance. You’ve imported all data in Excel. You’ve created a Stock Chart. So how do you calculate the Average True Range on Excel? How do you draw the Average True Range in Excel with a chart? Worry no more, because here’s the guide you’ve been looking for! […]

How to Create and Use Average True Range for MultiCharts

Average True Range with Moving Average in PowerLanguage MultiCharts

Wish you could use Average True Range (ATR) on your MultiCharts, but not sure if you can code or modify it? With this tutorial, you will learn how to create and modify the Average True Range (ATR) in PowerLanguage for MultiCharts. Average True Range ATR is available from every trading platforms, but if you would […]

How to Create and Use Average True Range for MetaTrader


Knowing how to create indicators in MQL for MetaTrader is very important for a serious trader. With this tutorial, you will learn how to create and modify the Average True Range (ATR) in MetaTrader. Many traders think that coding in MQL is complicated, but it’s not true.   Let’s start. Standard Average True Range in MQL […]

How to Create and Use Average True Range for TradeStation


As one of the most important technical indicator, knowing how to create and modify the Average True Range (ATR) in EasyLanguage for TradeStation is a great idea. Average True Range ATR is available from all popular platforms, but if you would like to dress up or modify your TradeStation Indicator, here, you can learn how […]


Hi everyone, this is the ATR Stop Loss Indicator for MetaTrader. We start with version 1.0, and we will implement the indicator in the coming weeks. In this version, the indicator shows three stop-loss levels. The indicator warning if volatility is High.     In the future versions, the indicator will manage your open trade. […]

SuperTrend Multi Time Frame Indicator


Today we are talking about our SuperTrend Multi Time Frame Indicator for TradeStation and MultiCharts platforms. Many traders love the SuperTrend indicator because it’s simple and it works well in trending markets. SuperTrend is a good indicator but it can provide many false signals, especially when the market is in a ranging condition.   Our […]

How To (AUTO) Trade Divergences


How To (AUTO) Trade Divergences Today we would like to share with you a little tip: how to trade RSI divergence with an automatic trading system. Divergence is a disagreement between a momentum indicator and price. Momentum indicators are the relative strength index (RSI), stochastics, and rate of change (ROC). Generally, you can quickly discover […]