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ADX Histogram and Slope Indicator for TradeStation, MultiCharts

Are you searching for ADX Histogram and Slope Indicator for TradeStation, MultiCharts and MT4? This post if for you!

The Average Directional Index ADX is the perfect tool to determine the strength of the trend. Every time traders have to know if the price is trending or not.

Open a trend follower trade in the trend direction is a good idea, but only if the trend exists and is strong.

The standard length for the ADX Formula calculation is 14 periods.

ADX is calculated with a moving average of price range expansion over a given period and is plotted as a single line.

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The ADX Histogram and Slope Indicator

We can add another control to our indicator: the ADX Slope Indicator.

We created many free Slope Indicators, for example, the Moving Average Slope Indicator.

The slope direction is straightforward to calculate; you have to compare the last ADX value with the two precedent. When ADX is increasing the color became green and red when it is decreasing. When there isn’t the direction, the color became Cyan and Blue.

average directional index slope indicator decreasing and increasing

If we would like to use the ADX Slope Indicator with the precedent Average Directional Index, we have to transform this indicator in a histogram. We can use both indicators, and with the histogram, we can anticipate the ADX movement.

adx histogram indicator for mt4 tradestation multicharts

Q&A Section:

I often hear about adx 14 indicator, what is it about?

It probably concerns the period used to construct the adx average directional index indicator.
the standard setting is precisely 14 periods.

Is it possible to use an adx histogram?

We certainly talk about it in this article.

Is it possible to have an adx histogram indicator mt4?

Send us an email to and we will see how to satisfy you.

I can’t perform the adx indicator download

You must choose your TradeStation or MultiCharts platform, then you will need to log in and if you are not registered yet, you will need to register.

Is there an article dealing with the adx Indicator explained?

You can try to learn more here.

Why do you only draw the adx line without the of and of and without the dm and dm?

Because the data we need to measure the strength of the trend is in the adx line.

Is it possible to make the ax line smoother?

Of course, just turn it into an exponential moving average

Are many technical analysts that use the average directional index?

Technical analysis is an infinite world, in the automatic trading system it is often used in the system developed to help recognize the strength of the trend to the expert advisor

Download ADX Histogram and Slope Indicator

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