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Technical Indicators Tutorials

cover bollinger bands

Bollinger Bands Standard Deviation

Bollinger Bands Standard Deviation John Bollinger developed the technique of using a moving average with two bands calculated through the standard deviation above and below it. The Bollinger bands are composed as follows: a Mobile Linear average at N days, which draws the central line; the upper band is obtained by...

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Average Directional Index ADX Indicator. First of all, the ADX is useful to determine the strength of the trend. The Average Directional Index is a trend indicator. It was created by Wilder to measure the strength of the current trend. The...

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Chaikin Money Flow Indicator – Tutorial 2020 – Download

Chaikin Money Flow Indicator – Essential tutorial || What is? How to use? How to calculate? Download for free our modified indicator with slope. Developed by Marc Chaikin, the Chaikin Money Flow CMF is a market strength indicator, measuring the amount of money exchanged over a given period. These indicators form...

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Today we show how to create and use your ATR Stop Loss Calculator. We show you how to create a simple calculator with Excel (download it for free). Average True Range (ATR) indicator calculates the average candles ranges over a specified period. So ATR measures volatility and also includes any...

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TradeStation & MultiCharts Indicators

Average Directional Index Indicator with four levels for TradeStation and MultiCharts

ADX Histogram and Slope Indicator for TradeStation, MultiCharts & MT4

ADX Histogram and Slope Indicator for TradeStation, MultiCharts & MT4 Are you searching for ADX Histogram and Slope Indicator for TradeStation, MultiCharts and MT4? This post if for you! The Average Directional Index ADX is the perfect tool to determine the strength of the trend. Every time traders have to...

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1 - Auto trendlines indicator for tradestation


Are you searching an indicator for TradeStation that automatically draws horizontal trendlines? You fund it! Our indicator draws two horizontal trendlines, one support (Red Line) and one resistance (Green Line). With default sets, the indicator calculates the highest high and the lowest low of the last 20 bars and draws...

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SuperTrend Multi Time Frame Indicator

Today we are talking about our SuperTrend Multi Time Frame Indicator for TradeStation and MultiCharts platforms. Many traders love the SuperTrend indicator because it’s simple and it works well in trending markets. SuperTrend is a good indicator but it can provide many false signals, especially when the market is in...

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How To (AUTO) Trade Divergences

How To (AUTO) Trade Divergences How To (AUTO) Trade Divergences Today we would like to share with you a little tip: how to trade RSI divergence with an automatic trading system. Divergence is a disagreement between a momentum indicator and price. Momentum indicators are the relative strength index (RSI), stochastics,...

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Intraday Intensity Indicator || 2020 Essential Tutorial

Intraday Intensity Index Indicator measures the volumes according to the position of the closure within the variation between the minimum and maximum of the session. It was developed by David Bostian, this indicator, when included in a daily graph, can be seen as providing different information on price trends compared...

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Coppock Curve Indicator

Have you ever used the Coppock Curve in TradeStation and Multicharts? It’s a useful momentum indicator for long-term traders. In fact, we use this indicator only in weekly and monthly charts. Edwin Sedgwick Coppock introduced the Coppock formula in 1962, he developed this indicator to find the primary trend and the...

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In this tutorial, you’ll create an Indicator to automatic draw TrendLines in TradeStation. Firstly, we calculate the maximum and the minimum of the last X candles or days. This is only an example, you can create your trendline indicator simply replacing the HighestHigh and LowestLow value. In EasyLanguage is possible...

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Perry Kaufman Efficiency Ratio Indicator during the 2007 financial crisis


Let’s create an indicator of Perry Kaufman from his book “Trading Systems and Methods“. In this book, the author shows a systematic approach with detailed explanations of each technique. There are many interesting ideas in this book. Today we would like to create the Efficiency Ratio Indicator. So, we will code...

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Stock Trading Behmark With Spy


Today, we create a Stock Trading System Benchmark using the SPDR S&P 500 ETF SPY. In finance, the benchmark performs the function of an external reference parameter for the valuation of a mutual fund. ETF SPY | BUY AND HOLD STOCK TRADING SYSTEM STRATEGY BENCHMARK Before comparing the stock trading...

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Trading Systems Tutorials

TradeStation Strategy trading strategies entry example

TradeStation Strategy – Bollinger Bands Reversal Price Exit Setup

TradeStation Strategy – Bollinger Bands Reversal Price Exit Setup In this EasyLanguage tutorial, we explore a TradeStation Strategy that uses price exits from Bollinger Bands. Obviously, this type of strategy will work better in mean-reverting markets. It will, therefore, be necessary to look for mature and very liquid markets that...

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double moving average crossover strategy

Moving Average CrossOver Strategy

Want to learn how to trade with a Moving Average Crossover Strategy? Learn everything you need to know about this popular strategy in this tutorial! Generally, the Moving Average Crossover Strategy is the first strategy that every trader had to learn. The approach is straightforward but there are many settings...

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Today we analyze the Key Reversal Candlestick Pattern. You will learn how to create and use this indicator in your automatic trading systems. We start with the simple Reversal High and Low Bar. The Reversal Bearish Bar occurs when: Today Price High > Yesterday Price High         ...

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cover moving average slope indicataor

Moving Average Slope Trading System

Moving Average Slope Indicator Moving Average Indicator is the most popular technical indicator, it provides useful information, but often it’s not sufficient. To programming an automated trading system, many times, you need to calculate the slope of the moving average. Calculating the slope is very simple, you have to compare...

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Free TradeStation Indicators Oscillators


Let’go to build a new Tradestation RSI strategy in EasyLanguage. Today we present the excellent 2-period RSI method devised by Larry Connors. We apply it to the US index using the SPDR S&P 500 ETF SPY. Firstly, what is the Relative Strength Index (RSI)? From Investopedia is “a momentum indicator...

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Financial Analysis Excel Tutorials

Excel Stock Chart and Technical Analysis || 2020 Tutorial

In our Excel Stock Chart Tutorial you will learn how to: extract data from Yahoo Finance to Excel plot the Stock Chart in Excel create many Technical Indicator with Excel Formulas (Coming soon) Whether or not you have a trading platform, using Excel for technical analysis of a financial instrument...

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Forex Trading Journal Excel Template

Forex Trading Journal Excel Template Are you looking for a Forex Trading Journal Excel Template? You found it, and you can download it for free! This is our template: Forex Trading Journal Excel Template: the chart As you can see, it provides a lot of useful information such as the...

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extract historical data spy on yahoo finance

How to Import Stock Prices from Yahoo Finance to Excel

If you’re trying to import stock quotes in Microsoft Excel from Yahoo Finance, this tutorial can help you. You may need it for many reasons. For example, your trading platform doesn’t have the stock you need to analyze. Many traders use Excel for seasonality and statistical research. In this tutorial,...

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How to Draw a Chart in Excel Using Yahoo Finance

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a Stock Chart in Excel. You’ll learn how to use various types of charts, including the classic Japanese Candlestick Chart.   Turn your Excel into a technical analysis platform, discover all our free tutorials available at this link.   The main...

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Tutorial – Using EasyLanguage to Export Data From TradeStation to Excel

In this TradeStation tutorial, we discover how to use EasyLanguage to export data from TradeStation to Excel. It’s straightforward; you only need our free indicator. This project is open, and we’ll add many functions in the future. Extract data from TradeStation is essential when you need to perform statistical analysis...

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